• Date : 01/01/2020 - 01/01/2021

    Haryana recognizes that physical activity and sports are integral parts of state culture and society and translates into the benefits in terms of health, social cohesion, economic activity, cultural enrichment and improved quality of life. The Government of Haryana aims to increase awareness among Haryana residents regarding significant benefits of physical activity and the practice of sports. The Government wishes to encourage and assist residents in increasing level of physical activity and their participation in sports as a fundamental premise of health and well-being by integrating physical activity and sports into their daily lives. In furtherance to aforementioned goals the Government seeks to encourage cooperation among various institutions of local government, the communities of physical activity and sports and the private sector in the promotion of physical activity and sports. The Government cherishes and supports the pursuit of excellence in sports- to enhance capacity in Haryana’s sports milieu. The Government will strive to ensure a scenario where right to fitness and right to play can be reasonably realised. Government takes pride in being the foremost promoter of sports in the country. It reiterates its commitment to promote participation, inclusion and excellence in sports at all levels. Towards this end, it will put in place merit-based instruments and seek convergence with other stakeholders in and out of the government, through collaboration and synergy, it will ensure that there are sufficient facility, opportunity, incentive and awareness for all to play at least one game of their choice. The Government’s policy regarding sports is founded on the highest ethical standards and values, including the doping-free sports, the treatment to all persons with fairness and respect, the full and fair participation of all persons in sports and fair, equitable, transparent and timely resolution of disputes in sports.

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